Title Litigation

A Decatur law firm well versed in title litigation in Atlanta, DeKalb, and Fulton County

If you have found yourself involved in a title dispute arising from boundary problems or trying to buy a property with title issues, you need a real estate lawyer who is experienced and well-versed in land title issues. Once there is a problem with a chain of title, the only way to resolve the issue and remove the cloud from a title is to bring an action to quiet title or similar lawsuit in a court of equity. When a title issue occurs involving your land, the most prudent course of action is to consult a real estate attorney familiar with Georgia law and real estate disputes.

Title Litigation Lawyers

Title litigation requires not only a keen sense of litigation strategy, but also a detailed understanding of complex and seldom-used legal principles. The attorneys at Williams Teusink have seen their fair share of title disputes arising from invalid deeds, fraud on behalf of sellers, inadequate title searches, and incorrect surveys. Williams Teusink can help clients navigate the difficult and often complex process of resolving issues with title to their property. Whether it is pursuing a quiet title action to establish true, legal ownership in the property, or working to obtain the execution of necessary deeds and other documents from others to recognize your full ownership right, William Teusink will work with knowledge and creativity to resolve your complex title issue.

Title Litigation in Atlanta, Georgia

Williams Teusink understands that your property is one of your most important assets. Our years of experience resolving title and boundary disputes in Georgia serves as an asset to our clients. Whether your case is as small as an encroaching fence or driveway, or as large as a 1,000-acre dispute, Williams Teusink has the expertise and experience to help you achieve a successful outcome for your Georgia property.