Property Tax Appeals

A Decatur law firm representing owners in property tax appeals in Fulton County, DeKalb County, and all the metro Atlanta counties

There are many ways in which state and local governments raise revenue. Ad valorem taxes are a large source of revenue for many government bodies. These property taxes are based on the value of real estate or personal property and are commonly known as ad valorem taxes. Georgia Counties have tremendous power not only to tax owners of real property, but to impact the amount of that tax by setting the value of the real property. The County’s appraisal may not accurately reflect real property values, and the amount you pay may be greater than what your property is worth. Under Georgia law, a taxpayer has the right to appeal the value figure asserted by a County, but the procedure and strategy involved in an effective appeal is difficult.

The tax attorneys at Williams Teusink are committed to protecting your rights as a property owner and assisting in reducing your tax liability to County and City Governments. We know what it takes to contest a faulty assertion of your property’s value and can assist you in reducing your property’s taxable value.

Property Tax Appeals in Atlanta, Georgia

We do so by appealing the County’s appraised fair market value of your property. If the value of your property is not reduced by the Board of Assessors, then we will continue to appeal and represent you at the Boards of Equalization. The attorneys at Williams Teusink have successfully appealed property tax assessments on residential and commercial properties in Fulton, DeKalb, and other surrounding Georgia counties.

Property Tax Appeal Lawyers

As a full-service real estate firm, William Teusink has the ability to file your property tax return while meeting all deadlines, represent property owners during all stages of valuation appeals, counsel clients on obtaining and maintaining property tax exemptions, and advise clients on property tax classification issues. Williams Teusink knows what it takes to contest a faulty assertion of your property’s value before state and local tax appeal boards and agencies and will work with you to reach a successful outcome.