Right to Repair Claims

Atlanta lawyers assisting both builders and buyers in Georgia right to repair claims

Georgia’s Right to Repair Act applies to construction defect claims against contractors. It imposes statutory duties on property owners who claim a construction defect to reduce litigation and expedite resolution of the problem in dispute. The Act establishes specific steps that must be taken by the property owner and contractor to deal with an alleged construction defect before a property owner may file a lawsuit or other action against a contractor for a construction defect claim.

The Right to Repair Act requires, before filing a suit against a contractor, notification of any defects related to their work, an opportunity to inspect the property, and an offer to repair the alleged defect or refute the claims. However, these provisions do not apply if the claim alleges personal injury or death as a result of the alleged defect. If you are a property owner seeking to pursue a construction defect claim or a contractor who has received written notification of a defect, it is vital to seek legal counsel from a real estate attorney expert in construction law. The statutory process for construction defect claims can mark the start of an eventual lawsuit.

Right to Repair Claim Lawyers

The Decatur, Georgia Based real estate attorneys at Williams Teusink have handled numerous cases both defending and pursuing causes of action arising from the Right to Repair Act. With this expertise in serving clients in the metro Atlanta area and throughout Georgia, our construction attorneys know how to achieve the best possible outcome in a dispute involving a construction defect claim and advocate for your best interests.

Right to Repair Claims in Atlanta, Georgia

If you are in metro Atlanta or a surrounding Georgia county and have a claim for faulty or inadequate construction against a contractor, or if you are a contractor whom someone claims to have a cause of action against, you need the experienced legal counsel of Williams Teusink to help you through the potential dispute.