Foreclosure Litigation and Confirmation

Atlanta lawyers providing legal support to clients in foreclosure litigation and confirmation

Issues surrounding foreclosure law came to the forefront of our national consciousness during the Great Recession. While the law does not require a homeowner to hire a legal representative during foreclosure proceedings, it is important to understand the implications that foreclosure proceedings have on a home, assets, and credit reputation.

It might seem counterintuitive to retain an attorney to handle foreclosure matters, but mistakes in navigating the foreclosure process can have significant negative ramifications. Additionally, because the foreclosure process is unique to each state, it is essential to consult with an experienced local attorney for issues relating to a foreclosure in Georgia.

Foreclosure Litigation and Confirmation Lawyers

At Williams Teusink, our attorneys provide tailored representation to both borrowers and lenders to achieve their goals in the foreclosure process. From the largest lenders to individual investors to homeowners facing foreclosure, we deliver dedicated, individualized service to each client and help find the right solution for their unique circumstances. At each stage of the foreclosure process, our strategies are designed to mitigate our clients’ losses, whether by achieving a pre-foreclosure loss mitigation alternative, or by maximizing the chances that a property will be sold to a third party at a foreclosure sale for the highest possible price.

Foreclosure Litigation and Confirmation in Atlanta, Georgia

Significantly, any party to a foreclosure must understand that a foreclosure sale is merely the first step towards recovering funds borrowed for the purchase or refinance of real estate in Georgia. In order for a lender to seek additional recovery against a borrower after a foreclosure sale, Georgia law sets out specific steps that are collectively referred to as the confirmation process. Failure to strictly adhere to Georgia’s foreclosure confirmation statutes can leave a lender without a means for recovery.

At Williams Teusink, we have helped both borrowers and lenders understand the foreclosure and confirmation processes to best position their respective interests and achieve their goals. Trust the attorneys at Williams Teusink to provide an honest assessment and legal strategy for the best course forward through the foreclosure process.