Real Estate Closings

Atlanta lawyers representing buyers, sellers, borrowers, and lenders in real estate closings

Whether you are buying or selling real estate in Georgia, Georgia Law requires an attorney for your real estate closing. An experienced real estate attorney ensures that everyone understands the complex legal process that real estate closings are, and that the transaction conforms with federal and Georgia law.

Real Estate Closing Lawyers

The real estate closing attorneys here at Williams Teusink coordinate all of the parties involved in the closing, communicating with the buyer, seller, and lender, and any additional players, such as brokers, surveyors, home inspectors, and more to ensure that the closing occurs promptly. Our closing attorneys will guide you throughout the entire process, but most important, when preparing the settlement statement and when confirming the dates and amounts of money needed for closing.

On the day of closing, our team will be present to go over the various paperwork and offer explanations for any confusing documents, such as the deed, settlement statement, and loan documentation. After reviewing all the materials, our closing attorneys will distribute all of the funds in the transaction, such as brokerage fees, inspection fees, seller’s proceeds, and the attorney fees.

Real Estate Closings in Atlanta, Georgia

The Decatur, Georgia real estate closing attorneys at Williams Teusink have assisted individuals and investors in buying and selling real estate in the Metro Atlanta area for decades. Whether your issue concerns drafting a contract, deciphering the confusing mortgage and lending process, or simply discovering your options regarding buying and selling real estate, Williams Teusink can be your source of information about the real estate buying process. When you need a real estate closing attorney to help you buy or sell real estate in metro Atlanta or surrounding Georgia counties, Williams Teusink has the experience you need during your real estate closing.