Construction Liens

Georgia lawyers with expertise in constructions liens in both transactions and litigation.

A construction lien, or mechanic’s lien, is used to make a legal claim against a property when a homeowner has not paid a contractor, or when a general contractor has not paid a subcontractor or supplier. Construction liens are claims made against real property by contractors, subcontractors, builders, or other professionals. They are designed to protect a financial interest in construction work performed at a property, or for materials provided to facilitate that construction work.

Placing a lien against a property provides contractors and subcontractors with a means to recover the money they are owed. However, a construction lien can also have significant ramifications to a homeowner’s interest in their property, which they will likely want to contest. In either circumstance, Georgia law places strict procedural requirements and limited timeframes to perfect or contest a lien.

Construction Lien Lawyers

As such, both those who contract for work to be done on a project, and those who are contracted to perform the work must have their rights protected to the greatest extent allowed by law. Protecting those rights requires the counsel and oversight of an attorney with experience, both initiating construction liens and defending against them.

At Williams Teusink, our attorneys have a wealth of experience in dealing with a variety of construction liens, as well as the knowledge and expertise to guide you through what can be a challenging process.

Construction Liens in Atlanta, Georgia

We are prepared to provide high-level representation to those in the metro Atlanta area and surrounding Georgia counties that would like to file or defend against a construction lien.