Real Estate Contract Drafting

Atlanta attorneys assisting grantors and grantees in real estate contract drafting

Whether you are buying or selling residential real estate or large commercial space, the process of drafting the real estate contract is one of the most critical parts of the transaction. At Williams Teusink we provide qualified real estate attorneys with decades of experience drafting and reviewing contracts for the purchase of the real estate alleviate the guesswork and uncertainty that comes with property purchase.

There are several types of real estate contracts:

  • Purchase Agreement: A purchase agreement is the most common type of real estate contract. This type of contract specifies the details regarding the purchase and sale of the property.
  • Real Estate Assignment Contract: This type of contract is commonly used in a wholesale investment purchase, for instance, with a distressed property secured and then assigned to another buyer.
  • Lease Agreement: A lease agreement is a real estate contract in which the property owner (or landlord) enters into an agreement with a tenant to reside in the home at a specified monthly rate. Often these contracts include additional items, such as payment of utilities and a security deposit.
  • Power of Attorney: This type of agreement can be used in situations in which a party is unable to sign the contract, e.g., the party is not physically in the country to sign or is mentally incapacitated. In such circumstances, the party can hire an attorney to act as the power of attorney to sign on his or her behalf. A Power of Attorney can also be useful if the property owner has several investment (rental) properties to oversee and manage.

Real Estate Contract Drafting in Atlanta, Georgia

Williams Teusink is the answer for anyone in metro Atlanta or the state of Georgia looking to protect their interests when purchasing real estate. With decades of combined experience meticulously drafting contracts that protect their client’s interests to the greatest extent that the law allows, Williams Teusink has the expertise that is imperative to assure that no issues arise down the road in the use and enjoyment of your real property.