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Real Estate, Business, and Government Affairs Lawyers in Atlanta, Georgia.

Williams Teusink is, above all else, a team dedicated to achieving its clients’ goals in real estate, business, and government affairs law. While the strength of the team starts with the over six decades of combined legal experience of its lawyers, it is greatly supplemented by the skills of its legal administrators and professionals. For this reason, you will find on this website, not just the biographies of our attorneys, but the profile of each and every team member, all of whom work in concert to ensure our clients’ interest are advanced both expertly and efficiently.

Our attorneys are both specialists and generalists. How is that possible? Well, while we have immense experience in nearly every area of real estate law, business law, and government affairs law, we aren’t so arrogant as to believe we have seen it all. So, should a client seek guidance in area we know well, we will route them to the attorney on our team that can best serve them. But should it be something new and unique for which a client seeks advice, our ability to be generalists, our passion for learning, and our deeply ingrained work ethic will ensure the client is well served.

Head shot of Kyle Williams, a dirt lawyer in Atlanta, Georgia and founding partner of Williams Teusink.

Founding Partner

Head shot of Eric Teusink, a real estate attorney in Atlanta, Georgia and founding partner of Williams Teusink.

Managing Partner


Associate Attorney

Head shot of Caela Abrams, a business attorney serving Fulton County and Atlanta, Georgia.

Associate Attorney

Headshot of Erica Rozier, an administrative assistant with Williams Teusink, an Atlanta, Georgia based real estate law firm.

Administrative Team

Head shot of Gala Villahoz, an Atlanta civil attorney providing expertise in real estate and corporate law.

Associate Attorney


Associate Attorney




Associate Attorney


Associate Attorney


Associate Attorney


Associate Attorney


Expeditor and Legal Assistant