Code Enforcement Actions

Attorneys representing clients in code enforcement actions in Atlanta, Decatur, Fulton County, DeKalb County, and throughout Georgia

Throughout the metro Atlanta area, local governments use code enforcement actions to implement building codes, safety rules, regulations, and laws related to residential, commercial, and industrial properties that protect against threats from public health, safety, and welfare. If you have received a warning or a citation regarding the condition or use of your property or alleging failure to obtain a permit or license, you will find yourself dealing with code enforcement officers and the magistrate or municipal court hearing.

Code Enforcement Action Lawyers

At Williams Teusink, we have extensive knowledge and in-depth experience in handling all types of code enforcement matters, including formal and informal code enforcement processes. Our approach focuses on taking advantage of all appropriate legal remedies, including collaboration with a city’s code enforcement team and judicial officers. The attorneys at Williams Teusink understand the primary goal of code enforcement is compliance, and we gear our efforts towards solving problems while minimizing costs. While we strive to achieve compliance, our real estate attorneys have successfully litigated code enforcement cases when necessary and will seek cost recovery to the fullest extent permitted by law.

Our lawyers have extensive knowledge and in-depth experience in handling all types of code enforcement matters, including nuisance and abatement, administrative citations, fines and appeal proceedings, permitting and license revocations, and civil litigation. We seek effective and cost-efficient options to achieve compliance, enhance public health and safety, rehabilitate properties, and maintain safer cleaner neighborhoods.

If you own local property but live outside of Georgia and have received a citation and a court date, we can often help with getting the citation addressed without the need for you to travel. Moreover, if you own or manage an apartment complex or motel and face a sudden onslaught of numerous citations, we can sort through the citations and develop an effective plan to resolve them.

Code Enforcement Actions in Atlanta, Georgia

The attorneys at Williams Teusink have a proven track record of representing individuals and business owners in the metro Atlanta area and throughout Georgia in resolving their code compliance and code enforcement issues. Blending creativity and experience, we will strive to find the best method for you and your case.