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About Williams Teusink

The founding partners of the firm, Eric Teusink and Kyle Williams, first met when Kyle was an associate attorney at a prominent Atlanta real estate law firm and Eric was still a law student. From that chance meeting and a shared desire to better serve clients in real estate and business law came what would become Williams Teusink.

The law firm’s early days were spent in a single dingy office shared by two real estate attorneys, a pair of phones, a couple computers, and a printer. Since then we have represented thousands of clients, added business law and government affairs law to our repertoire, restored the oldest building in DeKalb County and moved our practice within it, and significantly grown our legal team. Despite all these changes, we will always see ourselves as the scrappy upstart law firm looking to work and earn its way out of that single room office.

As our firm continues to grow we hope to further cement our position as leaders both among our legal peers and within the Atlanta community writ large. In so doing, we will never lose sight our ultimate aim, to provide superior service to clients in real estate, business, and government affairs law.

The High House

In early 2014, Williams Teusink was, yet again, outgrowing its Decatur office space and the partners were in search of a new home. The timing of their search was serendipitous, as the High House, a circa 1830 building, had recently come on the market.

The High House is believed to be the oldest building standing in DeKalb County. In its long history it has served as, among other things, a post office, a general store, and a private residence.

Although it had most recently served as a law office, the building had not been updated in nearly 40 years. Upon purchasing the building, the partners set about meticulously restoring it to its previous glory. In conjunction with restoration experts, the building was restored in accordance with the preservation standards propagated by the National Park Service.

The building is now both a working law office and a monument to the history of Decatur, DeKalb County, and the State of Georgia. It is frequently featured on architectural tours; visits, when time permits, can be arranged by contacting our office.