Special Master

DeKalb and Fulton County attorneys serving the Court as Special Master

A Special Master is an attorney appointed by a judge to hear evidence and to make recommendations to the judge as to the disposition of a matter relating to real estate. A Special Master is typically assigned to quiet title actions or similar lawsuits. A quiet title action is used to resolve any issues with the chain of title of a property and to remove any clouds from the title. The use of Special Masters is accelerating rapidly due to increasing caseloads and complex real estate cases in the court systems. More lawyers are also requesting judges to appoint Special Masters in order to get the attention these complex cases need to proceed to a final resolution. The use of a Special Master will affect the case because the court and the parties will achieve resolution more quickly and save the parties’ money.

Special Masters in Atlanta, Georgia

If you are dealing with a complicated dispute relating to title to real property, or you find yourself involved with or requiring a quiet title action, the attorneys at Williams Teusink can bring their expertise in real estate to serve you. Williams Teusink is well-suited to meet the needs of Judges and attorneys when they are faced with a case that will require a Special Master appointment in DeKalb and Fulton Counties. Our attorneys serve as Special Master on a number of occasions and are frequently recommended by counsel to serve in this role.

Special Master Lawyers

For perplexing and difficult real estate cases, with significant money and complicated issues involved, consider appointing one of our Special Masters to handle your case. Williams Teusink brings years of experience and will help Judges and attorneys reach fair results more quickly, ultimately saving the parties money and conserving judicial resources. The Special Masters at William Teusink will treat all parties equally and help resolve any real estate dispute.

For Special Master representation in DeKalb County, founding partner Kyle Williams has decades of experience with these matters.

In Fulton County, both managing partner Eric Teusink and senior partner Lawton Jordan can expertly handle your case.