Georgia Foreclosure Attorneys

Unfortunately, the issues surrounding foreclosure law have come to the forefront of our national consciousness. The Georgia foreclosure attorneys at Williams Teusink have represented individuals facing the specter of foreclosure since the very beginning of the crisis. We have helped countless families stay in their homes by assisting them in navigating the confusing mortgage modification process. In the worst circumstances, our foreclosure attorneys have taken on the big banks in both State and Federal Court for wrongful foreclosure. The foreclosure process is unique to each state, thus, it is essential that a party facing foreclosure consult with experienced Georgia foreclosure attorneys.  Whether you have just missed your first payment or you are facing a post-foreclosure eviction, our firm can provide the essential advice you need to understand your foreclosure. We never promise that we can save your home, but we will provide you an honest assessment of what is your best course forward.

Foreclosure Confirmation

The foreclosure sale is merely the first step towards recovering funds borrowed for the purchase or refinance of real estate in Georgia.  In order for a lender to seek recovery against the borrower after a foreclosure, there are specific steps which must be followed. Failure to strictly adhere to Georgia’s foreclosure confirmation statutes can cause dire consequences for lenders. Williams Teusink helps both borrowers and lenders achieve their goals in foreclosure confirmation hearings.