State and Local Government Relations and Advocacy

Lawyer advocates assisting clients in navigating state and local government relations

Dealing with local and state governments can be an intimidating task. Successful businesses need a strategy to manage government relations activities that impact their business. Clients seeking government relations solutions to legal or business issues need experienced advocates who understand the complexities of the legislative and regulatory processes. The most effective advocates must also be adept at using the rules of the legislative or regulatory process to develop and implement practical solutions.

Government Relations Attorneys

At Williams Teusink, we develop strategies to help businesses take advantage of opportunities and overcome obstacles at the local, state, and federal level. Our government relations work requires an intimate understanding of the legislative process and the rules under which government bodies operate. Our government relations attorneys monitor and analyze statutory or regulatory changes or problems on behalf of business clients, reviewing legislation of interest to clients and advising clients on the construction and effect of proposed or pending legislation to provide strategic guidance.

Our lawyers draw upon their established relationships with elected officials, media members, government employees, and other influencing groups and individuals, supported by extensive knowledge of the working environment, to develop innovative solutions for achieving clients’ goals. We have experience in handling major regulatory, compliance, and enforcement legal issues utilizing a combination of political, public relations, and media expertise.

The government relations attorneys at Williams Teusink have the insight and contacts to deal with any challenge. With our capabilities, we serve as a key resource for our clients by leading and executing specific action plans for measured success. Whether your issue involves advocacy before the state legislature or a state agency, or it involves working with elected officials or appointees at the municipal or county level, the attorneys at Williams Teusink know how to draw upon all the resources available in Metro Atlanta and surrounding Georgia counties to develop solutions that are practical and effective for our clients.

Government Relations and Advocacy in Atlanta, Georgia

Utilizing our unique blend of personal and practical experience, Williams Teusink is dedicated to finding cost-efficient solutions to critically important client challenges with creativity, integrity, and pragmatism.

We advise clients on how to put together tailored strategies that often require detailed planning, monitoring, analysis, licensing advocacy, legislative advocacy, administrative rulemaking, purchasing advocacy, litigation, and political intelligence skills. Our government affairs team of lawyers has a comprehensive understanding of how municipal, county and state agencies make their decisions.

William Teusink provides counsel, advice, advocacy, dispute resolution, and litigation support on the full range of matters that can arise before state and local governments in the metro Atlanta Area. Our team has substantial experience and longstanding relationships with state, county, and local government agencies. Our skill sets include but are not limited to land use, zoning, permit expediting, state commission hearing representation, licensing, legislation drafting, and advocacy.