Alcohol Licensing

Lawyers who guide clients through the alcohol licensing process throughout Greater Atlanta.

When your business or restaurant needs an alcohol license in Georgia, it is priceless to have an attorney familiar with the dizzying variety of local regulations and requirements. While the state creates a process for considering and granting licenses to sell beer, wine, or liquor, local governments’ ordinances and regulations govern the details of what business and what locations can sell alcohol. If you need advice about acquiring, protecting, or defending a license to sell alcoholic beverages in Georgia, Williams Teusink’s attorneys know how to work through the bureaucracy and obtain whatever permit or license is necessary.

Alcohol Licensing Lawyers

The attorneys at Williams Teusink work closely with the Georgia Department of Revenue, the State Attorney General’s office, state, county, and city elected officials and enforcement agents to advance our clients’ interests. We have helped our clients in determining whether a location complies with zoning and alcoholic beverage licensing requirements, handling disciplinary actions and lawsuits against alcoholic beverage licensees, and working with city and state alcoholic beverage licensing enforcement officers. We also represent clients before neighborhood associations, administrative boards, and legislative bodies to obtain occupancy certificates, liquor licenses, and business licenses. If you are a commercial real estate owner, developer, or property manager seeking to sell, serve or distribute alcohol, let the attorneys of Williams Teusink guide you through the licensing process from drafting lease agreements to forming entities to handling zoning and land use issues.

Alcohol Licensing in Atlanta, Georgia

Georgia is one of the most complex states for alcohol licensing and regulatory compliance. Williams Teusink attorneys have the knowledge, experience, and established relationships with state and government regulators and legislators of the alcoholic beverage industry across Georgia. At Williams Teusink, our experienced attorneys are experts in the licensing aspects of your business or restaurant. Their familiarity with the rules and regulations throughout Georgia can help you achieve your licensing goals and avoid or resolve problems.