Corporate Organization and Planning

Attorneys providing assistance in corporate organization and planning to its clients.

To best protect our clients, we ensure that corporate organization and planning is done in anticipation of future events, rather than a reaction to current events.

Corporate Organization and Planning Lawyers

At Williams Teusink, our experienced corporate attorneys help determine the appropriate corporate structure for our clients’ Georgia businesses based on their specific goals and need to maximize the value of the business’s assets while minimizing its risks. Among the issues and factors we consider are the business and tax goals, investment criteria, and risk assessment.

Our corporate attorneys advise clients on concerns related to strategic alliances or joint ventures with other parties, corporate formality, securities law compliance, intellectual property protection and exploitation, employment matters, and contractual arrangements with suppliers, distributors, licensees, and others conducting business with our clients.

Our corporate organization and planning includes:

  • Draft and analyze corporate governance materials, including advance notice bylaws, board committee charters, corporate governance guidelines, related party transaction policies, codes of conduct and ethics, disclosure controls and procedures, and disclosure in annual proxy statements
  • Advise clients by making presentations to and participating in meetings of senior management, boards of directors and board committees concerning the corporation’s governance structure, oversight function, and risk management
  • Advise boards of directors on how to deal with shareholder demands and proxy proposals relating to corporate governance practices, such as majority voting, rights plans, special meeting requests, and staggered boards and proxy access matters generally.
  • Analyze and advise on existing client practices and policies, including those relating to director independence and qualifications, board structure and functioning, and executive compensation matters
  • Advise committees of independent directors in their review of going-private transactions, spin-offs and spin-outs, and other related-party transactions
  • Assist clients in corporate structuring in preparation for, and governance implications arising from, capital markets, M&A and other transactions, including director and officer fiduciary duties and responsibilities.

Corporate Organization and Planning in Atlanta, Georgia

The business attorneys at Williams Teusink work collaboratively with our clients to provide expert guidance in determining the appropriate corporate structure for Atlanta area businesses based on the tailored goals and needs for the business.