Business Dissolution Litigation

Atlanta litigators assisting client in business dissolution litigation

One of the most challenging decisions a business owner or partner can make is to dissolve their entity. In some cases, enterprises dissolve for amicable reasons such as a merger or buyout in which the business carries on under different owners. In other cases, extended periods of insolvency force businesses into dissolution. Dissolving a business depends on the type of business entity. During dissolution, every kind of business entity requires specific steps to ensure that your own personal assets are protected from liability when your business.

Business Dissolution Litigation Lawyers

If the dissolution process escalates into a dispute or lawsuit, many legal details and contingencies require experienced business attorneys. At Williams Teusink, we represent business entities in all manner of issues that arise in the dissolution process to find cost-effective results that meet our clients’ needs. Our goal is to complete the dissolution of your business with no further liabilities or obligations. With years of experience, our team is capable of handling every aspect of the business dissolution process, giving you the peace of mind to move on to your next business venture.

Our lawyers provide thorough, forward-thinking representation when preparing to wind up or dissolve a business from handling creditor claims against the business to advising about the legal disposition of company assets to preparing dissolution papers to file with the state and any necessary court appearances.

Business Dissolution Litigation in Atlanta, Georgia

The business attorneys at Williams Teusink know the unique Georgia statutory compliance requirements’ ins and outs of the business dissolution process. If you are dissolving your business in Metro Atlanta, Williams Teusink can ensure your business dissolution runs as smoothly as possible from protecting your credit to preserving your business and community reputation.