Clock is ticking for filing a Georgia Property Tax Appeal

As another summer draws closer, Metro Atlanta’s counties have begun to issue their annual property tax assessments. If they have not received their assessments already, Georgia property owners should expect them soon.  Concomitant with the issuance of tax assessments is the question of how and whether to file a Georgia Property Tax Appeal.  Before tackling that issue, a review of the basics of Georgia tax property assessment law would be useful.

Georgia Property Tax Appeal

In Georgia, each county has a board of equalization charged with determining real property values.  Since the passage by the Georgia Legislature of a property tax reform act in 2011, each county is required to provide every property owning taxpayer with an annual notice of assessment.  Upon receipt of their notice, property owners have 45 days from the mailing date to appeal the valuation to their respective boards of equalization.  The appeal letter (or, appeal email, if electronic service is offered by the county) must contain certain information such as the property address, a means to contact the property owner, and the property owner’s proposed valuation.  After receipt of the appeal letter, the board of equalization is statutorily required to set a hearing date.

While filing a Georgia property tax appeal may seem like a simple process, the advice of an experienced property tax appeal attorney can provide you with the informational advantage you need to appeal your assessment.   A consultation with our attorneys will provide you with an unbiased legal opinion as to the best strategy for successfully filing a Georgia property tax appeal.

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