Georgia property assessment lock

Home prices in Atlanta are rising.  The anecdotal evidence homeowners may be observing in their neighborhoods has been confirmed by the most recent Case-Shiller Index.  This index calculates the value of homes in the top 20 cities nationwide.  The study is conducted monthly and is based upon the repeat sales of single family homes.  According to

Georgia’s Foreclosure Confirmation Statute

Despite a recent uptick in the real estate market, both residential and commercial real estate owners continue to feel the after effects of the previous bubble.  Many properties have failed to rebound to the values at which they were purchased, and thus have become impossible to refinance.  This has led to further foreclosures, and, when

Clock is ticking for filing a Georgia Property Tax Appeal

As another summer draws closer, Metro Atlanta’s counties have begun to issue their annual property tax assessments. If they have not received their assessments already, Georgia property owners should expect them soon.  Concomitant with the issuance of tax assessments is the question of how and whether to file a Georgia Property Tax Appeal.  Before tackling

The Short Sale Series – The Short Sale Credit Score Myth

Homeowners answer with a fairly common refrain whenever asked why they are considering going the short sale route.   While it is true that some feel they have a duty to try and honor their agreement with the lender, the most common answer by far is that they want to salvage whatever remains of their credit score.

While we do not want to patronize our readers, we think it would be a valuable exercise to briefy discuss what a credit score is.

The Short Sale Series – Is Short Sale a Smart Option in Georgia?

As Atlanta and the State of Georgia enter the fifth year of the residential mortgage meltdown, one would hope that information about the options available to troubled borrowers would be widely available. Unfortunately, based on the calls received by our office, borrowers seem no better educated than they were in 2008.  

Three factors figure heavily in the dearth of useful information available to borrowers.